My name is Niall King. I’m a Lead Front End Developer and Architect.

I started out making websites almost as soon as there was a web. Netscape 1 was out, Internet Explorer did not exist, but NCSA Mosaic did. I started doing it for a living in 1999. Since then I’ve become rather good at it. I am obsessed with quality, and serious about semantics, accessibility, speed, progressive enhancement, small page weight, usability and efficiency.

I don’t just code websites, or even manage teams of people who do. That’s the bulk of my work, but what makes me great at what I do is talk everybody’s language, and translate customer or business needs into back end and front end development tasks. I can talk with ease to designers, back end devs, front end devs, product owners, project managers, clients, CTOs, CEOs, lawyers and have enough expertise to know how to convert their concerns into a great website or web application and communicate that to everyone concerned. I am an expert front end coder, and I’ve enough Java and C# knowledge to be dangerous. I can even design occasionally. I can make the difference between success and failure, between profit and loss, and a good site and a great one. When pushed for an elevator pitch I like to say I make the magic happen.

I’ve made sites for car manufacturers, telcos, the government, shipping registers, record labels, clubs, bands, universities, software companies, banks, major international sporting tournaments, confectioners and the biggest football club in the world.

Below is a selection of my work.

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